Replacing Soffits

Your soffits form an integral part of your roofline closing in the eaves section and keeping out birds.

Your soffits will play as important a role as any other aspect of your roof in allowing your roof to perform the job it is required to do. If your soffits are in need of repair or replacement, then contact us here at Easy Fascias.

Your soffit board is tucked beneath the fascia board along the straight edge of your roof. At street level, it is the component of your roof that is the most visible. Some soffits can be created so that they allow air ventilation into your roof area, although most days ventilation over the top of the fascia board is the preferred choice of many.

Ventilation is important as without it, condensation will form in the roof void, thus increasing the risk of damage and decay – especially in older, timber-made roofs.

If your soffits are beginning to decay or are damaged, then they will simply not be as effective as they are required to be – this can lead on to more serious issues. At the very least, your roof may allow in moisture and let out warm air.

Here at Easy Fascias we are specialists in the supply and installation of new soffits and you can rest assured that when choosing us you will receive the best possible service from a local business with affordable pricing.

Sample Colours

Available in mahogony, black ash, rosewood, light oak, and white:

Fascia colours from Easy Fascias in Kent

If you’d like to know more about the kind of soffits we can supply and fit for you in and around the Kent area, then please contact us on 0800 061 4048, or via email at

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