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For Fascias and soffits in Kent, get in touch with Easy Fascias

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Your soffits form an integral part of your roofline closing in the eaves section and keeping out birds.

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Your soffits will play as important a role as any other aspect of your roof in allowing your roof to perform the job it is required to do. If your soffits are in need of repair or replacement, then contact us here at Easy Fascias.

Fascias and Soffits Kent by Easy FasciasYour soffit board is tucked beneath the fascia board along the straight edge of your roof. At street level, it is the component of your roof that is the most visible. Some soffits can be created so that they allow air ventilation into your roof area, although most days ventilation over the top of the fascia board is the preferred choice of many.

Ventilation is important as without it, condensation will form in the roof void, thus increasing the risk of damage and decay – especially in older, timber-made roofs.

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If your soffits are beginning to decay or are damaged, then they will simply not be as effective as they are required to be – this can lead on to more serious issues. At the very least, your roof may allow in moisture and let out warm air.

Here at Easy Fascias we are specialists in the supply and installation of new soffits and you can rest assured that when choosing us you will receive the best possible service from a local business with affordable pricing.

If you’d like to know more about the kind of soffits we can supply and fit for you in and around the Kent area, then please contact us on 0800 061 4048, or via email at .

Sample Colours

Installation Process

At Easy Fascia’s we provide our own specialized access equipment comprising of alloy towers, alloy platforms and specialist ladders.

Providing our own specialized access equipment is beneficial for you as it means you do not have to have a scaffold company turn up at your property and have tubular steel scaffolding erected which can be intrusive, unsightly, and there for weeks!

We take great care in the removal of your old roofline timber, being careful not to damage windows, telephone, sky or TV cables or anything else that may be attached to your old roofline timber. We then cut back your old damaged felt and replace it with a new rigid polyurethane felt-tray which keeps any penetrating water that may get through your roof tiles, away from your timber and take it into your guttering. Your new felt will not rot or break-down.
Once everything has been carefully removed it is time to carry out a complete inspection of your timber rafters to ensure there has been no prior water damage and none of the timber rafter ends are rotten. This is important as your new PVCu fascia is fixed directly to your rafter ends. In the event that we do find rot, we will remove that section of rot and splice a new rafter in its place. This usually only ever occurs on gable ends and no extra costs are incurred (up to 1.5m) as this is all part of the installation process.

We now set about getting all rafter ends plumb and straight using our specialized installation techniques.

We now begin re-installing your new PVCu fascias, soffits and guttering. It’s very important to use the right materials, 18mm thick fascias is the absolute minimum thickness for a replacement board as it is the main load bearing part of your roofline, bearing the load of your guttering and last row of roof tiles. We only use stainless steel fixings to ensure a long lasting clean finish with no ugly rust marks.

Guttering comes in range of styles and colours – you can choose from the classic Ogee style for that older style of property, half round, or the popular Square line gutter for that modern look. Available in White Black, Brown and Grey, we have a range of guttering to compliment any property.

Also now available New Mahogany Woodgrain and Light Oak Woodgrain Guttering to match perfectly with Woodgrain fascia boards.

It’s very important to allow the timber behind your new roofline to breathe. If your timber were to become damp because of condensation due to a lack of ventilation then larvae which causewoodworm and dry rot could breed. To combat this we use a hidden ventilation system which is fixed to the top of your new fascia board to promote the circulation of air. The great thing about this particular system is the fact that it’s completely hidden from view, eliminating those unsightly vent trims which you see on modern houses, which collect dust and dirt.

Our vent system complies with all building regulation requirement. This is especially important if you are thinking of having a loft conversion at some later time.

We ensure to leave your property spotless by sweeping up carefully and by taking away all roofline rubbish and debris. At times we come across hazardous materials such as asbestos soffits and guttering, this will be bagged and taped and disposed of by a registered and licensed carrier ensuring no harm to people or the environment.

Finally you now have a great looking home that is well protected from the weather. You can also have peace of mind knowing that all our materials and labour are covered by our 10 year, insurance backed guarantee. Enjoy!

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…From start to finish you have successfully made the process as painless as possible, from our initail pressure free meeting right thrugh to completion, everything was spot on and far removed from any recent experiences I have had of this nature…
Mr Kelsey, Bromley, Kent